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Up Coming Events

Be Ready for The Coming Events:

  • Organizing Technical Textile buyer seller meets in April, 2015.

  • Organizing business meets & visits of 20 African delegation with members of SVUM month of May, 2015.

  • Implementing Design Clinic Scheme’s 2nd phase in identified clusters.

  • Organizing business tour with 100 members of SVUM for east African countries in September, 2015

  • Represent the demand of Convention/Exhibition Centre.

  • To implement ‘Innovation Promotion in MSME Clusters’ with Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit, The German Federal Enterprise for International Cooperation in identified clusters.

  • Organize SVUM-2016 International Trade Show.

Past Events

Be Ready for The Coming Events:

  • SVUM-2015 International Trade Show

  • Awareness Seminar for Product Certification

  • Knowledge ni Chuski- Series of Awareness Seminar

  • BMO Capacity Building Program

  • Design Awareness Seminar
                DAS for Jamnagar Brass Cluster
                DAS for Kutch Handicraft Cluster

  • DAS for Kutch Handicraft Cluster

Awareness Seminar on Product Certification

Date:17th January, 2015
Time: 10:30am to 1:30 pm
Venue: Hotel Royal INN, Near Girnar Cinema, Rajkot

Saurashtra Vepar Udyog Mahamandal have organized Awareness Seminar on Product Certification with Ministry of MSMEs. 126 MSME units have joined this event.

This Activity is expected to enhance the acceptability of the products of the MSME sector in the National and International market by enhancing the consumers/users confidence in product quality. Marking to National/International Product Standards will also streamline the quality systems of the MSMEs, ensure safety of the product in use and enhance product/process efficiency. The significant contributions of the Activity will be:

Component of Grant:b> Under this Activity, MSME manufacturing units will be provided subsidy to the extent of 75% of the actual expenditure, towards licensing of product to National/ International Standards. The maximum GoI assistance allowed per MSME is Rs.1.5 lakh (Average Rs. 0.75 lakh) for obtaining product licensing/Marking to National Standards and Rs. 2.0 lakh (Average Rs. 1.50 lakh) for obtaining product licensing/Marking to International standards. One MSME unit can apply only once under the scheme.

Knowledge ni Chuski

Date:20th-21st September, 2014
Time: 10:00 am to 12:30 pm
Venue: Hotel Royal Inn, Near Girnar Cinema, Rajkot

With aim to cultivate culture of knowledge and experience sharing among industrialists and professionals SVUM have taken new initiative by introducing series of seminar, talks and other informative sessions named "Knowledge ni Chuski ".

It is observed that most of MSME units are 'One Man Show'. All decisions are taken by single person. In most of case the person is technically very sound, but his financial knowledge is very much limited. That’s why many wrong practices and myths are being observed in industrialists especially in Rajkot. Under initiative of "Knowledge ni Chuski" Black Rock Mutual Fund, Pune, and Centre for Investment Education have sponsored two awareness programs. Mr. Kaushal Mandalia, Financial Trainer was key note speaker.

BMO Capacity Building Program

Date:17-21, November, 2014
Venue: Uma Resort, Kandala Road, Morbi
Participants: 20 Industrial Associations and Chamber of Commerce of Saurashtra-Kutch

Industry Associations, otherwise called business membership organizations (BMOs) can provide different value added services to their members in a sustainable and strategic manner. They can play the following role and thus facilitate development of their member MSMEs;

  • Organize training and capacity building programme.

  • Organize and /or facilitate trade fair (national/international) participation.

  • Prepare quality membership directory and website.

  • Providing value added business development services.

  • Advocacy with the Government.

  • Linking Government and other schemes benefiting the MSMEs etc.

  • All the above activities can be managed successfully provided the BMO functionaries understand the techniques of doing it properly. Therefore, under the aegis of MSME Umbrella programme and EU Switch Asia Programme, Entrepreneurship Saurashtra Vepar Udyog Mahamandal and TANSTIA-FNF have organized a Workshop and a Training Programme. These Workshop and Training Programme ware supported by DC(MSME), Ministry of MSME, Govt. of India, SIDBI, GIZ, Sequa gGmbH,, EU, FMC, GRI, IICA, , and UNIDO.

Design Awareness Seminar, Kutch Handicraft Cluster

On 9th August, 2014 at City the Village Resort, Saurashtra Vepar Udyog Mahamandal & Federation of Chambers of Commerce & Industries, Bhuj along with Khamir have organized Design Awareness Seminar with National Institute of Design.

Supported by :MSME

Background of Kutch

The rich and diverse creative traditions of Kutch live at the intersection of cultures and communities. Once a destination by land and sea for people from Africa, the Middle East, and the Swat Valley, Kutch has a rich tradition of sea trade from Mandvi and a global connection. A river system was shared between Kutch, Sindh and Rajasthan. As a border state, Kutch is constantly absorbing cultures from the north, west, and east. Kutchi motifs can be traced to the ancient Harappan civilization, yet craft is developing and growing with the innovative and entrepreneurial drive of spirited artists.

The arid climate has pushed communities here to evolve an ingenious balance of meeting their needs by converting resources into products for daily living. While embroidery has become a craft synonymous with Kutch, other textile crafts and hard materials crafts give this land color and identity. Craft is inextricable from the numerous communities, connected by trade, agriculture and pastoralism in Kutch.

At SVUM believe that the exposure of design and design skills of the Kachchh artisans are highly evolved. There are institutions in Kutch like Kala Raksha Vidhyalaya, Khamir, Srujan, Offering design courses to Kachchh textile artisans. We have gathered Designer who have experience of working on grass root level as well as they were be able to provide exposure of forward trade linkages to artisans.

This Design Awareness Seminar got huge success many artisans come forward for design intervention and Jewelry Cluster & Copper Bell Artisan Cluster have come forward for Workshop & Project.

Design Awareness Seminar Jamnagar Brass Cluster

In Association with Jamnagar Factory Owners Association, Jamnagar Chamber of Commerce & Industries, Jamnagar Hardware Manufacturer Association. By Saurashtra Vepar Udyog Mahamandal & National Institute of Designing, Design Clinic Scheme for MSME. Supported by : Ministry of MSME
On 26th July, 2014 In Association with Jamnagar Factory Owners Association, Jamnagar Chamber of Commerce & Industries, Jamnagar Hardware Manufacturer Association, Saurashtra Vepar Udyog Mahamandal & National Institute of Designing, Design Clinic Scheme for MSME jointly organized Design Awareness Seminar for Jamnagar brass cluster.


Jamnagar known as the brass city of India, has been an important industrial centre since long for brass related parts. Jamnagar is inhabited by a various types of brass related work units which include Brass foundry; Brass parts manufacturing, Electroplating and Extrusion units. There are about 3500 brass related units alone in Jamnagar. Majority of these Brass units in Jamnagar are in operation since last 15 to 20 years. All these units are located in pockets of Shankartekri, MP Shah Udyognagar, and Patel colony and dared areas.

Major products manufactured in Jamnagar Brass cluster are:

  • Brass jewelry and Buttons like Necklace, Ear rings, Bracelet, Rings, Bangles, Pen parts

  • Automobile & Cycle tube valves, Industrial control valves

  • Agricultural Implements like Tractor accessories

  • Building hardware like Door & Window Hinges, Stoppers, Knobs, Studs, Handles

  • Sanitary & bathroom fittings Like Venetian Blinds, Hangers, Taps, Curtain fittings

  • Electronic & Electrical accessories Like Socket pin, Battery terminal, switches, tester, computer sockets

  • Various other precision machine components as per customers specification

  • The products manufactured in the Jamnagar Brass cluster weigh in a range from 1gm to 10 kg and in terms of its length and diameter it varies from .05 mm to 60 cm.

Thrust Area of Jamnagar Brass Cluster is…

  • Product development Approach: Analysis, Concept, Synthesis.

  • Moving from Generic Products to Specialized Products.

  • Getting out from Cost base competition to Value/Solution base competition.s

  • Electro-polishing, barreling and brazing technology to increase productivity & reduce dependency on labor.

  • Upcoming Trends: Dyeing, Tooling, 3D printing etc.

  • Scope for Export.

  • Moving from OEM(Original Equipment to Original Brand Manufacturer

  • Cost saving, Energy saving through designing.

The brass cluster of Jamnagar is largest market of brass in Asia. India has a strong engineering and capital goods base where there is much application of brass parts. There are also huge scopes in decorative items & vender development chance for marine equipments.

To cultivate fruit of this positive environment at optimal level Jamnagar industries must be equipped with latest technologies & machineries. Knowledge, experience, business sense & R & D sense also play very important role. Large companies generally can obtain all this, but MSMEs which is major employer of Indian economy needs support for this. With same aid to support MSMEs at Saurashtra Vepar Udyog Mahamandal, MSME Department of GOI & NID, Ahmedabad have jointly organized Design Awareness Seminar for Brass Cluster & introduced Design Clinic Scheme in this area.

Welcome Addresses & Introduction of Institute

Mr. Lakhabhai Keshvala (President, JFOA) welcomed all guest speakers & participants on behalf of Jamnagar Factory Owners Association, Jamnagar Chamber of Commerce & Industries, Jamnagar Hardware Manufacturer Association, He explained role of association in collective growth & threw some light of current activities & future projects by SVUM. Mr. Tulsibhai Gajera has also appraised efforts of Mr. Kumarpal for help in organizing seminar. Mr. Parag Tejura (President SVUM) & Mr. Yogin Chhaniara also emphases on

Presentation by Mr. Kumar Parmar

Mr. Parmar has explained the design awareness seminar is aimed to create a platform for MSME units in the country, to improve the manufacturing competitiveness. The seminar helps MSME participants to interact with Design Expert to understand design methodology and benefits of design to MSME in their business, product, process, service and operations. To take design at higher level of manufacturing functions, it is very important to develop a design scenario and environment at the early stage of conception.

Technical Sessions

Mr. Bala Mookoni

Mr. Bala is technocrat from Bangaluru at established his business in Vadodara, He is expert in cost cutting through design intervention in the operational process. He also through light on myths of energy efficiency on design of nosel, flame & fuel air ratio.

Mr. B M Sonagra

Mr. B M Sonagra emphases on innovation for product and developing own brand through rather than depending on work as ancillary industries.

More than 70 industrialists attended seminar & two members have opted for further development

Design Awareness Seminars

The design awareness seminar is aimed to create a platform for MSME units in the country; the seminar will help MSME participants to interact with Design Expert to understand design methodology and benefits of design to MSME in their business.

The Scheme:

The Scheme is aimed to improve business performance of MSMEs Units through evident design solution that will increase ones Manufacturing as well as Marketing Competitiveness.

Financial Aid:

  • 4 lacs (75%) for Need assessment Survey & Design Clinic Workshop (5 Days).

  • 1.5 Lacs (75%) for student Project.

  • 9 Lacs (60%) for Individual/Group of 3 units.

  • 15 Lacs (60%) for a group of 4 units or more.

  • Who can benefit from the scheme?

    • Members who have core manufacturing strengths and wishes to design new product in the line of their business.

    • When units have already developed new product/machinery & working toward development of prototype, design inputs at this juncture would be very helpful in ensuring that product/ machinery/equipment gets a good aesthetic and ergonomic details .

    • When units are planning to develop a new set of dies and tools.

    • The MSME should be a profitable entity in the last three years of its operations.

Launching Ceremony of SVUM-2015 International Trade Show

Date:16th July, 2015
Time:10:00 am 12:30 pm
Venue: The Grand Thakar, Javahar Road, Rajkot

The brochure of SVUM-2015 International Trade Show was launched by Smt. Raxaben Boriya, Mayor of Rajkot, Shree Vijaybhai Nehra, Municipal Commissioner of Rajkot. This occasion was attended by All presidents of Chambers, Industrial Associations, and other Intellectuals and Industrialists.

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